L&T’s Buyback – The Curious Case Of Rejection Of The Behemoth’s Proposal

L&T’s buyback proposal was recently rejected by SEBI on the grounds that the capital gearing ratio would exceed 2x, thereby breaching SEBIs buyback regulations.

March 14,2019

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Is There A Flipside To Passive Index Investing?

A majority of active funds have not been able to outperform the market, and this has prompted many experts to suggest a low-cost passive index investing strategy.

Feb 14,2019

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ETFs Vs Index Funds – Which Is The More Cost-Efficient Option?

Passive funds have gained a lot of popularity, with many studies suggesting that a majority of the fund managers do not outperform the market.

Dec 19,2018

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Stock Market Performance- Arguably the Only Economic Indicator Where India Has Fared Better Than China.

China has been the growth engine of the world for more than two decades now. India to a much lesser extent has contributed to the global growth

Nov 19,2018

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Would It Be Far-Fetched To Call The Indian B2C Internet Space A Ponzi Scheme?

A Ponzi scheme is one where the underlying project doesn’t generate any profit, and the existing members/investors are paid

Nov 4,2018

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Is There Enough Money To Be Made In The Indian Robo Advisory Space?

A Robo advisor is nothing but an online financial advisor which automates the whole investing process with minimal human intervention.

Oct 21st,2018

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“Nothing. Sometimes nothing is the hardest thing to do” – A perspective on how to handle stock market declines

The current stock market scenario reminds me of this line from Game of Thrones – “Nothing. Sometimes nothing is the hardest thing to do.”

Oct 24th, 2018

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The Relationship Between Interest Rates And Stock Market Valuations

It is a generally accepted rule that the interest rates and the stock market move in the opposite direction. The reasoning behind this is that a lower interest rate is good for businesses at large.

June 25th, 2018

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Is The Indian Stock Market Headed For A Crash?

The current price to earnings ratio of Nifty is not very far from the one during the height of the Bull Run in January 2008. With a current PE ratio of 26.74, the Nifty requires just about a 5% gain to reach

Oct 31st, 2017

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